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After the Wedding downloadable Original Motion Picture Score by Mike Diaz

Includes original Album Cover Art



The Making of After the Wedding: Or How to Make your First Feature Film on a Micro Budget

A 15-page personal account by director Claudia Cifuentes with tips & tricks for making your first feature film


  • Indie film business plan template

  • Kickstarter Fundraising planning strategy template

  • Tips & tricks to stretch your budget during production

  • Interviews with Paul Haggis and Marc Lawrence on directing their first feature film



After the Wedding Deluxe Edition

Deluxe Edition includes:

  • HD downloadable version of the film

  • Original score by Mike Diaz

  • Digital Poster

  • Behind-the-scenes clip of late-night filming on set

  • Audition tape for “Diego and Mariana”

  • Audition tape for “Diego and Vanessa”